Love Paper Wishes: It’s just the beginning

Love Paper Wishes blog

My very first blog post! I’ve been thinking about what I should write that would be interesting, relevant and perhaps witty. But I decided I should just start at the beginning, as where else is best!

I am so excited about the launch of Love Paper Wishes, although it feels as though it has taken ages for this day to arrive. I have been patiently beavering away getting my new collections ready, branding my business and working on the website. I have loved every minute of it!! And I am so ready for Love Paper Wishes to go out into the big wide world!


I studied Fashion Promotion and Illustration at UCA and had no real idea of what I wanted to be when I ‘grew up’. I just knew I loved fashion, drawing, photography and magazines, this course combined them all. I have the mentality that if you don’t know what you want to do, do what you love!

Through my 3rd year I spent time interning at magazines for free, to gain experience and immerse myself in the fashion world and I loved it! So much so, that I decided I wanted to experience more, but over in the States after graduation! New York, New York the city that never sleeps is where I found myself and was luckily enough to intern at some top fashion magazines. I learnt so much about trend, seasonality and hard work ethic, I quickly found my way around the city from all the sample returns and pick ups that I had to do multiple times a day! I fell in love with the city, making life long friends and memories. I wanted to see more, the following year I went to Los Angeles and interned for a handbag designer within the graphics department.

I eventually returned back to the UK to get a ‘proper job’, as my Mum would say! I went into Graphic Design full time, doing this for 4 years. It was great fun, I enjoyed the creativity and making pretty images all day long! This naturally progressed into Digital Marketing, I love the fast pace of working in a digital environment, creating something and seeing the results instantly. I can mix my creativity, a bit of strategy and get to travel a lot, learning tonnes!

Meanwhile, as the career was unfolding life was happening alongside this… I met my lovely husband in 2010, we got engaged in 2013 (I’ll save ‘the love story’ for another time) and married in 2014. I loved planning all the little details, figuring out themes, buying a crazy amount of Bridal magazines (obviously) and designing papergoods that went with it. I fell in love with the wedding industry, the creativity it allowed, the trend elements and creating something magical for Mr. B, myself and all of our lovely guests. I didn’t want it to end and had a serious case of the wedding blues once it was over.

I have always dreamed about working for myself and having my own design studio, this felt like the perfect time to take the leap! I still work as a Digital Marketer in the day, spending my evenings and weekends designing stationery, working on the website and creating this little business. I love hearing about couple’s wedding plans, themes and big events. It’s magical that I get to be a part of that process and work in an industry that is based on Love! I have always been a sucker for romance and fairy tales…