Inspiration: Hello Flamingo


I mean who doesn’t love a flamingo?

So elegant, pretty in pink and striking. They are one of my top 3 favourite birds (that’s a difficult list to make!) I have always loved birds from a young age, it sometimes felt like I lived at Birdworld growing up! We had all sorts of chickens, pheasants, love birds, budgies, finches and the list goes on and on… although never flamingos!


During a trip to Hawaii to visit my very best friend, we visited the Royal Hawaiian hotel in Waikiki, a fantastic bright pink Art Deco hotel by the shore. It has beautifully manicured gardens, filled with the most exotic palms and ferns. It would be the most beautiful location for a wedding, the backdrop is so deliciously tropical and striking!


Oh the Palm House at Kew Gardens, have you been there? It. Is. Beautiful. A tropical greenhouse built from white iron and glass in a stunning Art Deco design. Inside is a jungle of the most beautiful tropical plants and flowers, steaming away in the humid environment. You can walk among them all and up the spiral staircases to get a stunning arial view, it is one of my favourite places to be.